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Welcome to our online studio. Our studio because we use your space and my space, in space! Thanks to the ability to connect online, we are able to explore and study the world of music together.

Reaching the World on Earth Day 2020

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by Ignacio Diaz Jr | Uncategorized

Today’s current global crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, has afforded us an opportunity to learn and grow in many ways. We have to learn to live in a new and safe way, while working to maintain a new level of normal in our lives. Now, more than ever, it has become clear that the arts, music in particular, has become a priority in our lives. Listening to music, writing music and learning music is providing an outlet for us, support for us and inspiration in a critical time.

This change to an online format has brought about lots of changes. One of the greatest changes for me, is that I can now reach the world. I look forward to working with more students, musicians and future students and musicians. I would like to share what I know and help you reach your maximum potential as a student and artist. I am available for beginners, or advanced students, youth or adult. If you are interested in studying music, please contact me to discuss options for lesson. I’m here to help.

To all my current students, thank you. Thank you for your dedication to our work together. Thank you for moving through this change with grace and patience. Thank you for continuing to inspire me to teach music. You all inspire me to make the world a better place, through music.

A Beautiful World, By Tim Meyers (https://youtu.be/0irdrHUx3Sw)