Welcome to our Online Studio.I call it our studio because we use your space and my space, in cyberspace! The online studio is an extension of Diaz | Anderson Music Studios, located in Olympia, Washington. We are now available to provide instruction using current video conferencing technology.

It is my hope to guide my students in building knowledge, skill, and discipline. The concentration, creativity, and consistency necessary to succeed in music study can be applied to all areas of life. Benefits of music study may include improved independent problem solving skills, increased comprehension of abstract ideas, creative expression, self-confidence and a sense of well-being. My goal is to instill awareness of the importance of music, teach students how to create, understand and appreciate music, and have an enjoyable musical adventure.

The change to an online format has brought about lots of changes. One of the greatest changes for me, is that I can now reach the world. I look forward to working with more students, musicians and future students and musicians. My goal is to help you reach your maximum potential as a student and artist. I am available for beginners, or advanced students, youth or adult. If you are interested in studying music, please contact me to discuss options for lessons.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you or your children to create great music in an exciting and wonderful digital atmosphere!